The Camrunner is made for large format cameras that can support  any camera on a camera dolly or tripod for use on Feature films and commercials. Also is DSLR friendly as well.


A Lightweight Modular Affordable system that can change it's length in minutes.

Compatible with Camera Dolly's, Tripods and DSLR camera's


  •  360 degree rigging points.

Magnet bumpers

  • Modular  design change it's length up to 18ft  long
  • Comes with tool kit 2 Baby pins Hex set 2 Rigging slide blocks 
  • Coming soon the Camrunner Electra
  • a bolt on motion control system

Our Products:

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The most popular slider is the Combo 3/4 kit. 

This is a 4 ft slider with 3 Ft rails two sliders lengths in one that can be changed out in minutes. Kit includes metric hex tool set 2 baby pins two rigging 3/8 slide and the 6 inch Castle nut buster rod as a breaker bar for the Castle nut .The Jr pin also adapts to small combo stand that can be adjusted for height instead of using apple boxes The JR pin is additional add on investment.

The kit you see below comes with your Camrunner system and add additional rails 5- 6- 8 -10 ft up to 18 ft . Camrunner and just invest

in additional rails to expand your Camrunner length .


                                   Camera Slider

360 degree rigging points

On all sides including inside and outside of the rail  and bottom with the custom made slide blocks that fit industry standard baby pins or any  3/8 -16 threaded pins or pipe clamps.

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305-790-9380 John Leeward for pricing

Newnan Ga. 30263

Slide Blocks that accept baby pin or any 3/8 -16  tapped camera support products.

The 3/8 -16 tapped slide blocks

are super strong made from 1/2 inch aluminum.

Magnetic bumpers for smooth stops  

The First Modular design that can Change its length up to 18 ft .long

The Camrunner was built with a specially designed lightweight aluminum extrusion. A 6 ft Camrunner only weighs 28 lbs.Yet super strong. You'll love it when you have to take it up the stairs to the 3 floor. It's easily a one man job.


Below is the Tool kit that comes with all Camrunners 

Case, Hex metric set 2 baby pins nut buster rod 2 slide rigging blocks that accept 3/8-16 baby pins 360 degrees around the t-slot profile as seen with the red slider block below.